CPA Exam Preparation- Essentials for Students

CPA Exam Preparation- Essentials for Students

The time equates to around 80 to 100 hours for every exam. However, there are different stages of the exam.

Section-wise time requirement:


The section comprises 90 multiple choice questions as well as 7 task-based simulations. So, if you take the lessons and assignments related to FAR, you will take around 125 hours to complete it.


There are 90 MCQs along with 7 simulations. So, even if you are a good student, you will require roughly spending around 90 hours to prepare for this section.


It comprises 72 MCQs along with throwing the curveball with their communication-based tasks that are three in written. When you get access to the best courses, you will require around 75 hours to study the section.

Getting a better estimate for busy schedules 

In case you are running a busy life, you have to formulate the right plan that will give you the perfect track to achieve the CPA objectives. First of all, you should remember the utilization of the available online study plan as it helps you with planning for our customers. 

Besides, they also help in calculating the time that you will require for if you need to study the system is also a great one for keeping track of the progress based on the time that will be helping you cope up with the syllabus, in the long run, the CPA review from the top websites suggested dedication to the studies and also the time management lead to the flexibility of learning. 

Besides the course, there is another option. You should create an Excel sheet for yourself. This will be a great way of making an important milestone on the calendar.

At all times, you should be away from distractions this will help you cope up with the busy schedules while also learning better. Many people usually think about how they can cope up with the entire syllabus by just 20 hours per week to study. First of all, you have to utilize the time. For that, you have to stay away from Facebook, movies, sports, games, reality TV shows, or anything else of that sort.

Always, you have to stick to the schedule for setting everything up. Remember that studying for the CPA exam isn’t that easy task. You will require paying attention to every minute detail that will help you in coping with the stress. You should always stay focused on the task and don’t take everything to wait too long.

The ultimate destination for your CPA preparation needs

At Vishal CPA prep, you will get the needed CPA Exam Tutoring facilities that will be helping you prepare for the examination within the shortest time. So, get ready to take the services today itself and develop the proper schedule for learning the course speedily.

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