Things You Need to Learn While Preparing For CPA

Things You Need to Learn While Preparing For CPA

CPA stands for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. This is the exam for those people who want to become U.S. Certified Public Accountants. 

Clearing CPA requires a lot of hard work. Above all, it requires a strong will to crack it.

There are many other things serious and funny you will learn while you prepare for the CPA and which you need to know before filling the exam

  • Don’t pay for all the exam sections at once. It’s a real possibility that you could end up postponing to take those paid exams. 
  • Life doesn’t stop because you’re studying life will actually throw you a few more curveballs than normal during your CPA exam study.
  • The exams are hard. These are a true test of the capacity of your mind. They will be exhausting.
  • There is no perfect time to start studying. Don’t delay studying. Just take a CPA prep course or CPA study material and start right away.
  • Coffee will be your best friend after all day studying and if you need strength to study more.
  • You’ll develop a deficiency of Vitamin D. You will lose track of days and nights once you start preparing.
  • The threat of failure is real. It doesn’t matter how good you were back in college. These tests are a lot different.
  • The key is only practice. No need to make sure how much you know, just start giving practice tests for actual checking.
  • Live classes are worthless. The practice is the only key to success, just start practicing whatever you have learned.
  • You’ll get annoying encouragement like “you’ll be ok” or “you can do it”. but they have no idea what you are going through
  • You need not tell anyone which day the results are going to be out. Nobody likes it when someone keeps asking about the results.
  • While you are preparing, your parents watch your every move.
  • Those Prometric keyboards at the test center have the loudest keys. And, it’s a fact that there will be someone right next to you using those old keyboards but you need to focus.
  • You may develop some anxiety right before your last exam. The thought of getting back to a life where you don’t have to study seems unimaginable. 
  • You will always have An occasional meltdown. Take a minute to throw yourself a little pity party. But then get over it because You’re wasting precious study time.
  • You need to Cut off all the negative people who bring you down from life and add no value or don’t see that you’re doing good things with your life.
  • You’ll find the motivation that you never knew you had in you while you prepare. There will be something that will motivate you for studying during all the hard times and will push you to your limits. 
  • You’ll be disconnected from TV but It’s really ok. Life is so much better without it. it’s better to be with friends or family rather than melting your brain with useless shows. 
  • You will never even have to make excuses, it’s just a flat NO. It’s simple, I can’t come, I have my books.

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