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I really enjoyed using Vishal’s CPA exam course. After using Becker religiously, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted on my FAR exam so, I switched to Vishal’s course. Right away I noticed the concepts were easier to understand. He breaks everything down in ways that make sense, along with providing numerous examples.

Vishal is also very helpful and always available to answer any questions. He fits into your schedule, which I thought was important.

I am hopeful that I will pass FAR this time around after using this review course.

Lauren Nicole Ruth
February 2022

Vishal’s CPA Prep really helped break down the more difficult concepts when I was taking FAR. I was using Becker, but no matter how many times I reviewed some of the areas, I just couldn’t grasp the concepts. Vishal came highly recommended and I took a chance and took his prep course. His notes really explained the concepts that I couldn’t understand. I highly recommend his course if you are having difficulty with specific concepts. I wish I would have heard about his course when I was struggling with some of the other sections.

Melissa Kennedy
July 2022

I started working with Vishal after I took my first CPA exam and did not pass. I was not really sure what to do since I had just spent months studying and didn’t feel like I understood any of the material. But once I met Vishal I felt way better! He helped me make a study plan and his classes are great! I feel like I actually understand the material and am prepared to pass my next exam! Vishal is not only helping me pass the CPA but also helped me through the process of getting accommodations for the exam. Before I met Vishal I didn’t try to apply for accommodations even though I have had them since I was a kid because every time I looked into it I just got confused and overwhelmed. But once I told Vishal about it he assured me that he had helped other students get accommodations and could walk me through the process. I now have accommodations and am ready to pass the exam!

Gina Pardun
July 2022

Vishal truly want you to succeed. He is verythorough and will explain topics like no other. I was never anxious in asking a question as he was so patience. He knew 10 ways of explaining a question and had no issues repeating them 1 time or 100 times. I had one on one sessions with Vishal for FAR and he connected the dots for me really well. I found out about him on very short notice before my exam and he was still able to help me get the results of passing. I used Becker and the way Vishal broke it down was incredible. Different topics such as cash to accrual and even the cash flow statement I could really grasp in college, I understood in 2 hours of him showing it to me in a simplified way. He knows exactly what is to be expected on exam day and filters out all the extra material so you don’t need to waste your time on for studying as they are not relevant. If your looking to pass the CPA Exam, Vishal is the one you want on your side. Thanks again Vishal!

Anthony Martinez
December 2021

Vishal was extremely helpful with me retaking FAR. He is very thorough and will explain topics in an easy and understandable way. I was able to ask as many questions as I needed to understand a topic and Vishal would go through the questions explaining every part to get to the answer. He knew different ways of explaining a question and had no issues going through them as many times as I needed to master the concepts. He was able to go through these questions in a format that was easier to grasp from a learning perspective and helped me quickly pick out the correct answer. I had one on one and group sessions with Vishal for FAR and he was able to easily explain topics that had previously given me trouble. I used Becker and the way Vishal broke it down was extremely helpful in understanding some of the more difficult topics. He knows exactly what is to be expected on exam day and filters out all the extra material, so you don’t need to waste your time on for studying as they are not relevant. If you’re looking to pass the CPA Exam, Vishal is the person to talk to.

June 2022

I had a great experience with Vishal. He is easy to talk to, caring, and extremely helpful when it comes to the tough accounting topics in FAR. He creates personalized study plans that keep you on track and is available by phone whenever you need him. He also holds group sessions a couple times a week on tough chapters – I did not attend all due to $$ – but overall the group sessions I did attend were thorough and informative! I was able to increase my score 12 points with his methods, and it was the boost I needed!

Rachel Sweetser
July 2022

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Vishal has been such an incredible tutor and great resource on my CPA journey. After several failing scores on REG after using the Becker material, I began working with Vishal and noticed an immediate improvement. He breaks down the concepts in a way that is easy to understand and also focuses heavily on the areas that are tested more. Additionally, he was always so helpful when we had additional questions about specific concepts and could make it understandable based on our questions.

After taking Vishal’s course for 1 month, I was able to get 16 points higher than my previous score and passed! I would highly recommend using Vishal’s services to anyone studying for the CPA!!

Emily Ferkler
July 2022

I met with Vishal for a couple of hours prior to a retake of REG. I’m just that short time he was able to help me understand certain concepts much more thoroughly. His teaching style is very helpful and he does a great job of helping you to understand why transactions are treated certain ways.

Domenic Tringali
August 2021

You can find several CPA tutors, but you can’t find another Vishal. He goes above and beyond to serve his students. His study guides help break things down better than any text book I’ve ever used, and his study sessions provide great insight. His service is very customizable to you, and you can choose to study in either a group or a more personal setting. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you can’t solve something, he really is only one call or text away. Other services will make you wait several days, I’ve only had to wait few hours. I’ve tried several services for cpa services, so i feel more than comfortable telling you that Vishal’s is the best. If you sign up today, you will not regret it! He wants every one of his students to succeed and will do whatever he can to make that happen. 10/10!

Yousef Alvi
December 2021

I highly recommend Vishal for anyone trying to pass the CPA exam. When I found him, I was discouraged and not motivated after falling Audit. I was getting burnt out of studying alone in my room all day especially with the Covid environment. But Vishal provided extra motivation with a detailed schedule and plan for FAR. His study guide is very easy to understand. One part I particularly liked about the study guide is that he describes tough concepts in first person English with relatable analogies. The layout is much easier to understand than Becker and helps the student focus in on heavily tested topics. The tutor sessions really reinforce key concepts and helps to hear another person explain it vs. the becker lecturer. Overall, he was friendly and fun to study with. I highly recommend him as a tutor.

Patrick Ridden
August 2021

To say that Vishal has helped me achieve my goals would be a blatant understatement. Before I started meeting with him, I lacked confidence in my own abilities and crawled through the FAR material at a snail’s pace. My first session with Vishal was only a week out from my scheduled date to sit for the exam, but we managed to go through every single topic. He guided me through what I should focus my efforts on and provided me with a huge confidence boost (even though I initially thought I had no shot at passing on my first attempt). I ended up receiving an 87, which far surpassed any expectation I had going in. Vishal also helped me with all of the REG material, advising which Becker sections I should focus on first, which topics would be extremely important to know, and which topics I could focus on at a higher level. As someone who has zero tax experience, I thought I would struggle with these topics, but I flew through the material and actually enjoyed studying for this section. Thanks to Vishal, I got an 88 on REG and I’m looking forward to working with him on BEC and AUD!

Emilie Frede
September 2021

Vishal is very thoughtful in his approach to explaining FAR concepts and is an absolutely amazing CPA tutor. His ability to effectively simplify otherwise difficult concepts and his overall approach to the CPA exam journey are the best I have ever seen. If you find your CPA journey beginning like mine did and are in need of help, look no further. Vishal gives each and every one of his students his undivided attention whenever needed, he even goes so far as to create a custom study plan for each student and will get you where you need to be! His tutoring techniques helped to understand the underlying concept itself in many of my Becker modules and my studying wouldn’t be where it is without Vishal. Thank you!!

Victoria N.
August 2021

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The CPA exam can feel extremely intimidating and overwhelming alone, but with the help of Vishal I was given all the support I needed to study for the exam! Vishal also helped me tremendously when it came to staying on a specific study schedule, which can be one of the toughest parts about taking this exam. Additionally, I was worried about keeping up the motivation to push through all 4 parts, but with Vishal helping the whole way gave me the accountability I really needed! I highly recommend Vishal for CPA tutoring services if you do not want to feel lost in this whole process, and seek to be more effective and efficient in preparing.

Paige G.
June 2020

Vishal is knowledgeable in the CPA accounting subject matter and is a very helpful resource to students studying for the exam. He uses mnemonics to enhance retention of topics and is very helpful when taking the exams. Vishal is especially helpful when studying for FAR – a challenging test. Vishal is passionate about his students and encourages them along the way until they succeed and are a CPA!

Josh L.
April 2020

Vishal tutored me in the Regulation part of the CPA examination. I was lucky enough to find him when I was struggling to pass this last part of the exam after passing the other three parts. At a time when I was scared and upset, Vishal was motivating and empowering. Vishal was able to easily recognize that I had the basics down and took me straight to the more complex parts of the exam – the parts that I struggled the most to conquer. Vishal created a very open atmosphere where I was able to easily tell him when I did not understand a concept. He would slow down and take me through it again and again until I came to a full and clear understanding. He even found additional materials and created his own problem sets to reinforce difficult ideas. He took extra time out of his schedule whenever necessary to ensure I felt comfortable with the material and confident that I could pass the examination. Vishal was easily the greatest tutor I have ever had and I would recommend him to any student taking the CPA exam or any employer that is looking for someone that will never give up on you.

Megan B.
May 2020

After spending a substantial amount of time studying for my CPA exams, I was stuck on my last section which was REG. I was desperate to finish my last exam as I was feeling burnt out with all the studying as well as working full-time. I contacted Vishal for assistance with REG and I can easily say I was never more prepared for any of the CPA sections than I was for REG with Vishal’s tutoring. While I did have Becker CPA study material, Vishal was able to bring a new efficient and effective perspective when it came to the more obscure parts of REG. He was able to explain my most difficult parts of the exams and made them my strengths through his tutoring. Whenever I had specific questions on a particular MCQ, SIM, or topic, he was more than happy to answer than questions I had. Vishal was available anytime on any day, through any form of communication during my study preparation. He also even went out of his way to send me helpful SIMS and topics to look over outside of our tutoring sessions. When I contacted Vishal to take REG, it was a shorter study time than usual for his clients. However, he took the time to set up a study guide and plan to make sure I was ready on test day. I highly recommend Vishal’s CPA tutoring for any section of the CPA as I can say I never felt more prepared for any CPA exam than I was for REG with Vishal. Thanks for everything Vishal!

Kent K.
August 2020

Facebook Reviews

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I was having a real struggle following only becker study materials and thought I will never make it. Then Vishal was recommended to me and his study materials and tutoring were really easy and affordable! Made it through all thanks to Vishal!

Janes Tara
May 2022

Vishal is a great tutor for the CPA exam. I used him in addition to Becker when studying for FAR and REG. I would not have been able to understand fully what studying for the exam entailed as well as understand the material at a level required to comfortably pass the exam without his help. He explains how to solve problems in a more practical way than Becker and is able to pick up on where you are weak and help you improve your knowledge there. His personalized study guides are much more beneficial than just reading through the Becker book. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to gain an additional edge for passing the CPA exam.

Jared Horowitz
July 2022

Vishal helped me prepare for Reg. He was amazing; helped me understand the concepts, answered my questions, and most importantly he believed in me when I didn’t. Vishal has tips and tricks to help the concepts make sense! I passed Reg on the first try!

Angg Camp
November 2021