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Ready to Pass Your CPA Exam and Start a Rewarding Accounting Career?

My CPA review course will provide you with study materials and tutoring to set you up for success in your CPA exam and future career.

FAR Exam Preparation 

Preparation for the FAR exam takes 12 weeks on average. We cover the following topics in this section of the CPA review course:


  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Bonds
  • Leases
  • Equity method, Acquisition method, & Intercompany Transactions
  • Consolidations
  • Derivatives & Hedge Accounting
  • Foreign Currency Transactions
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS)
  • Cash to Accrual Conversions
  • Accounting Changes and Error Corrections
  • Impairment
  • Income Taxes
  • Non-Monetary Exchanges
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Stockholders’ Equity
  • Government & Non-for-Profit Accounting

REG Exam Preparation 

Preparation for the REG exam takes 10 weeks on average. We cover the following topics in this section of the CPA review course:


  • Individual Tax
  • Business Law (Agency, Contract Law, Bankruptcy, and more)
  • Taxation of Entities (C Corps, S-Corps, & Partnerships)
  • Ethics (CPA Legal Responsibilities)
  • Property Tax (Gift taxes, Wash Sales, & Like-Kind Exchanges)

BEC Exam Preparation 

Preparation for the BEC exam takes 6 weeks on average. We cover the following topics in this section of the CPA review course:


  • Corporate Governance/ ERM Frameworks
  • Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Performance Management / Budgeting
  • Information Technology (IT)

AUD Exam Preparation 

Preparation for the AUD exam takes 7 weeks on average. We cover the following topics in this section of the CPA review course:


  • Audit Cycle (Planning, Assessing RMM, Tests of Controls, & Substantive Testing)
  • Audit and Fraud Risk
  • Ethics
  • Audit Reports
  • Financial Ratios
  • Integrated Audit Reports
  • Sampling
  • SSARS vs SSAE Engagements
  • Transaction Cycles

Study At Your Own Pace With My 5-Step Process 

Step 1: Select Your Membership Package

Select the membership package that gives you the flexibility and payment frequency you need. Membership will give you access to the CPA study materials and a custom study plan. You will also get unlimited access to Vishal through phone, text, or WhatsApp and a monthly meeting to review your progress.

Step 2: Book Your Free Introductory Call

Once you have signed up, I will contact you to book your free introductory call. During the call, we will discuss how I can best support you during the CPA prep course. I will create a custom study plan that works for your schedule.

Step 3: Follow Your Custom Study Plan

Your custom study plan will tell you which CPA study materials to review during each study session. It has been created to work to your learning style and schedule. I want the study plan to work around your other commitments instead of forcing you to study at the expense of your job, schooling, or family.

Step 4: Book CPA Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions are optional but strongly recommended. Group Zoom Tutoring is popular for students who want small group tutoring to build upon the CPA study materials for that week. We will work through examples, multiple choice questions, and answer questions.

Private Zoom Tutoring Sessions are also optional. It is great for additional support when you feel overwhelmed by a topic or to catch up if you miss your Group Zoom Tutoring Session.

Step 5: Assess Your Preparedness Before Your CPA Exam

I strongly recommend booking a Private Zoom Tutoring Session 2 weeks before each CPA exam. This gives us a chance to assess your understanding of CPA exam concepts and address problem areas. My goal is to have you walk into your CPA exam ready to conquer it. I will create a 2-week targeted study plan for targeted revision.


Start studying for your FAR exam with tailored CPA exam tutoring.


Start studying for your REG exam with tailored CPA exam tutoring.


Start studying for your BEC exam with tailored CPA exam tutoring.


Start studying for your AUD exam with tailored CPA exam tutoring.

CPA Prep Course FAQs

Here I answer any questions you may have about the CPA review course and the CPA study materials. Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact me.

Is There a Particular Order I Should Take the CPA Exams?

You need to pass all four CPA exams within 18 months of sitting for your first exam. Generally, I recommend all of my students take the FAR exam first. This is because it is the most information-dense exam, so by doing FAR exam first, you are reviewing all the CPA study materials and preparing essentially “off the clock.” Your 18-month window will start when you sit the FAR exam, and the rest of the CPA review course is comparatively easy.

Can I Work With You In Conjunction With Another CPA Review Course?

You can if you want. However, I don’t recommend it as my CPA prep course is taught differently from other formal courses. I like to slowly build upon your knowledge week on week and show you how each concept is applied in real life. It is important to me that this CPA review course prepares you not only for the CPA exam but your career.

If you do want to supplement my CPA review course, I would suggest simulations and multiple-choice questions rather than textbooks and lectures.

Do I Get a Discount If My Friend Takes Your CPA Review Course?

Yes, I offer a referral bonus of $25 if you get a friend to sign up for at least 1 month. You can choose if you want the $25 as credit for the CPA review course or deposited into your bank account.

Do You Have Availability on Weekends?

Yes, many of my students work full-time jobs or have family commitments, so I have availability for CPA tutoring sessions on weeknights and weekends. I also encourage my students to email or WhatsApp me whenever is convenient for them, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

I Have Dyslexia/Dyspraxia/a Learning Disability. Is This the Right CPA Prep Course For Me?

My CPA review course is designed to be highly personalized. I create CPA study materials that work for a range of different learning styles and use the Group Zoom Training to supplement the self-guided study. I am happy to adapt my teaching methods to suit any learning requirements and can even give you information about CPA exam accommodations if you need them.

Do You Have a Pass Guarantee?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer a pass guarantee. I can give you all the CPA study materials and 1-on-1 support, but you need to put in the effort too. That being said, you are looking into CPA review courses and CPA tutoring because you are motivated, so I like your chances.

I recommend all of my students book a 1 on 1 Zoom Tutoring session 2 weeks before their exam so we can test their knowledge and create a study timetable to address any knowledge gaps. The students that do so achieve great results, even when they have failed the CPA exam in the past.

I’m Unsure, Is There Somewhere I Can Find More Information?

Sure, I have a free Facebook study group you can join. This is a supportive community where we discuss CPA exam preparation. Feel free to ask questions or vent about studying there. Myself and past and current students are active in the community.