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All BEC Exam Packages Will Cover the Following Material

  • Corporate Governance/ ERM Frameworks
  • Economics
  • Financial Management 
  • Cost Accounting
  • Performance Management / Budgeting
  • Information Technology (IT)


“I seriously don’t know what I would have done without Vishal. He helps you UNDERSTAND the material for the MCQs and Sims. What I really appreciate about Vishal is his patience. He takes his time with you. He genuinely wants you to succeed and will do anything he can to try and make that happen. After many 1 on 1 sessions during the course of less than a month, I passed on my first try all thanks to Vishal.”

Taryn Tom, May 2022

“Thanks to him and his tutoring program, I have passed BEC and FAR! He gave me the structure and confidence I needed to pass the exam and continue the journey to become a CPA. Vishal and I met individually for BEC, then as a group for FAR, and now back to individual meetings for AUD.”

Kelsey Marie Clayton, Dec. 2021

“Finally finished what was a long journey to becoming a CPA and I could not have done it without the help of Vishal! I had 3 parts passed (FAR, AUD, & REG) and could not pass BEC and after talking to a colleague who also used Vishal I was ultimately able to pass BEC. Vishal methods, tutelage and overall experience with these exams is second to none.“

Thomas Porricelli, August 2021

BEC CPA Exam Prep Course FAQs

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