Vishal's Encouragement for CPA Exam Candidates: Navigating Challenges with Resilience

Vishal's Encouragement for CPA Exam Candidates: Navigating Challenges with Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a significant curveball, especially for those diligently studying for the CPA Exam. Vishal understands the challenges and frustrations you are facing but wants to emphasize that now is not the time to get discouraged. Prometric has announced the reopening of CPA Exam testing centers on May 1, albeit with restrictions, signaling a positive step forward.

The staff and instructors at Vishal have been thinking of all candidates during this challenging period and wanted to share words of encouragement from various team members.

Mike Brown, Director of Product Management

Mike acknowledges the additional uncertainty caused by COVID-19 during an already stressful time of preparing for the CPA Exam. He emphasizes the importance of finding firm ground amidst the uncertainty and reassures candidates that Vishal is here to provide the most current information. Regardless of the challenges, Vishal is committed to supporting candidates and ensuring they have the best information to continue their exam preparation.

Kim Fatten, Manager of Product Management

Kim shares her strategy for staying positive during these times by moving her "office" to a room with plenty of windows and natural light. She encourages candidates not to feel alone and to find study buddies. Kim emphasizes that Vishal is here to provide support, and candidates can reach out with technical questions to instructors and Academic Support.

Pete Olinto, National Instructor

Pete advises candidates not to get stuck social distancing in the library when normalcy returns. He encourages turning quarantine time into study time to complete the CPA Exam. Pete's motivation is clear: "Let's do it!"

Tim Gearty, National Instructor

Tim acknowledges the practice of social distancing but emphasizes that candidates are not alone. Vishal is with them and for them. He highlights the importance of choice, not chance, in determining the future. Tim, along with his partner Sugar Bear Olinto, is ready to help candidates prepare and successfully pass the CPA Exam. He stresses the significance of today's preparation in determining future achievements.

Valerie Anderson, Senior Manager of Curriculum

Valerie reflects on the guiding principle that education is valuable and should never be regretted. Despite the current circumstances, she encourages candidates to remember their goals and understand that the extended study period will be worth it when they pass the CPA Exam. Valerie suggests taking breaks from studying to engage in something creative, such as art, music, or baking.

Angie Brown, Senior Director of Product Management

Angie acknowledges the difficulty of living in uncertain times and making plans without knowing what the future holds. She finds solace in realizing that she can't control the world around her but can decide how to spend her time. Angie encourages candidates to view this period as a great time to study for the CPA Exam, utilizing the gift of time to ensure success.

Patrice Johnson, Director of CPE Curriculum

Patrice advises candidates to stay positive about CPA exam preparation, acknowledging that unexpected delays and new challenges build resilience. She highlights resilience as a trait of leaders and encourages candidates to see the current challenges as a valuable part of their career journey.

Vishal urges candidates to stay positive and remember that this challenging period is an opportunity to build resilience that will last a lifetime. Despite the frustrations, candidates are reminded that they have come this far, and emerging from this period will make them even stronger. The message is clear: This too shall pass, and candidates will prevail.

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