A Glimpse into the Life of a Mom, Wife, YouTube Maven, and Aspiring CPA

Exploring Lucrative Accounting Side Hustles: A Guide for CPAs

In the realm of accounting, juggling a demanding career and the pursuit of a CPA designation can be a formidable challenge. Meet Linda Prewitt, a full-time accountant and a determined CPA candidate, who not only conquers the complexities of her professional life but also shares her journey through the lens of her YouTube channel and Instagram platform. Sara, having faced setbacks and triumphs, recently passed the FAR and AUD sections, marking the midway point in her CPA expedition.

Here's a recap of Linda Prewitt Instagram takeover on the Vishal CPA page, offering insights into her day as a multitasking mom, wife, YouTuber, and future CPA.

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*Hey guys!! Before I officially take over Vishal’s Instagram, let me introduce myself. I'm Linda – an accountant, wife, mommy, YouTuber, Etsy shop owner, and a future CPA! Becoming a CPA has been my goal since my first accounting class in high school. I graduated in 2013 and got my MBA last May. I’ve been studying for the CPA since May and found out in December that I’m halfway done! Stay tuned for more details on my journey to becoming a CPA! What questions do you have for me about studying for the CPA Exam?

Linda engages with her audience, answering questions and sharing her experience. One student sought advice on extracurricular involvement, to which Linda recommended seeking leadership roles in clubs or organizations for enhanced networking opportunities.

![Linda Prewitt Morning Routine](image-recap-02)

*Every morning starts with @cpavishal and coffee! How do you normally start your day? With a hectic life, sometimes it’s hard to make time for studying. Getting it out of the way early in the morning not only relieves stress, it also ensures that it actually gets done! A commenter asked, “What makes Vishal better than other CPA study materials?” Linda’s answer – “My school highly recommended Vishal so it was always my top choice. Some of the other materials I looked into didn’t seem as structured and as clear as Vishal. It was an easy choice for me!”*

Linda sheds light on her morning routine, emphasizing the importance of early study sessions to alleviate stress. She shares her preference for Vishal CPA study materials, highlighting their structured and clear approach.

![Linda Prewitt Routine](image-recap-03)

*Beginning studying for the CPA can feel extremely overwhelming. Even after passing two exams, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. How do you keep organized? Breaking down your study schedule by week or even by day can make studying seem more manageable. I try to get through a chapter a week. So each day in my planner I mark how much material I need to get through in order to finish the entire chapter by Sunday night. Even with a crazy, hectic schedule, 13% per day is totally doable!! If you struggle with focusing on one topic for hours at a time, be sure to take breaks. Sara commented, “Taking notes while watching the lecture usually keeps me focused! If I notice I’m not focusing, I usually stop the lecture and take a short break to get refreshed.”*

Linda tackles the challenge of overwhelming CPA exam preparation, sharing her organizational strategy by breaking down study schedules. She recommends a steady pace and encourages brief breaks to maintain focus.

![Linda Prewitt Unique Lunch Date](image-recap-04)*

Not your typical lunch date! Although I’d much rather grab lunch with a friend or catch up on shows, having lunch with @cpavishal means I’m one step closer to becoming a CPA! How convenient is @cpavishal mobile app? I love getting a quick study session in while in the car or at my daughter’s swim lesson! And can we talk about how crazy it is that there are only a few more weeks until my BEC exam?!? What are you currently studying and when’s your next exam?*

Linda shares a snapshot of her unconventional lunchtime routine, utilizing the Vishal mobile app for study sessions on the go. With her BEC exam on the horizon, Linda engages with her audience, fostering a sense of community among CPA candidates.

![Linda Prewitt's Reflections on the CPA Exam](image-recap-05)

*The CPA exam is hard. There’s no denying that. Some say it’s one of the hardest professional exams you can take. And although I have first-hand experience of how hard it can be, the most important lesson I’ve learned over the past 10 months is most things that are worth having, don’t come easy. When I found out I passed both AUD and FAR, I literally teared up. It was the most amazing feeling to see all my hard work and dedication pay off. I didn’t just pass an exam, I proved to myself and others that I can do anything I put my mind to. . . I can’t wait to have that feeling again and I hope that all of you get to experience it as well. . . Thanks for spending the day with me! And make sure to check out both my YouTube (Linda Prewitt) and Instagram!!*

Sara reflects on the formidable nature of the CPA exam, emphasizing the resilience and determination required. Her triumphant moments, passing both AUD and FAR, echo the sentiment that perseverance leads to gratifying accomplishments.

In a day filled with studying, family, and YouTube adventures, Linda Prewitt exemplifies the tenacity and passion driving her towards CPA success. Her story serves as inspiration for aspiring accountants navigating the challenging terrain of professional exams, reminding them that with dedication and the right resources, success is not only achievable but profoundly rewarding.

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