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Start a Rewarding Accounting Career by Passing Your CPA Exam with Ease

My private and group tutoring will provide you with the knowledge and guide to set you up for success in your CPA exam and future career.


Preparation for the AUD exam takes 6 weeks on average. Passing the BEC CPA Exam demonstrates an individual’s ability to understand and apply the concepts of business, economics and financial management, and can open up career opportunities in areas such as financial analysis and business consulting.

All REG Exam Packages Will Cover the Following Material

Everything covered in detail to pass the exam and have a real-world grasp of how to apply to your job.

  • Federal taxation of entities
  • Individual taxation
  • Property transactions
  • Professional responsibilities and business law

Custom-made Curriculum Based on Your Needs 

Tailored Material

Customized weekly study plan

Get Questions Answered Fast

Unlimited calls, texts, and emails with Vishal

Stay Accountable & Supported

Monthly check-ins with Vishal

Study The Latest Material

Up-to-date study guides for all exams

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REG Custom-made Curriculum Based on Your Needs - Vishal CPA PREP


I highly recommend Vishal if you are studying for the CPA exam! Last January I lost my Audit exam that I had passed after not passing my REG exam 3 times. I was one to two points away every time I took the REG exam and I was beginning to feel defeated and just wanted to quit studying for the CPA all together. I saw someone [...]

Kaley Johnson, February 2023

I used Vishal's study guides after I had failed REG to get me the extra push to pass the exam. His study guides allowed me to get an additional 11 points and pass the exam! I had used Becker in addition, but felt that Vishal's study guides presented the information in a different and more clear way than Becker. [...]

Rebecca Kimmel

I really enjoyed working with Vishal! He was such a great tutor that helped me overcome so much. He was very helpful to provide support to a topic at a basic level. He allowed me to understand the concept in a new way I could t. Because of him I have passed my REG CPA exam. Now onto the next CPA exam with his help! Thank you Vishal!

Ashley Sharp, CPA, May 2022

REG CPA Exam Prep Course FAQs

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