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All REG Exam Packages Will Cover the Following Material

  • Individual Tax
  • Business Law (Agency, Contract Law, Bankruptcy, and more)
  • Taxation of Entities (C Corps, S-Corps, & Partnerships)
  • Ethics (CPA Legal Responsibilities)
  • Property Tax (Gift taxes, Wash Sales, & Like-Kind Exchanges)


“Long story short, choosing to work with Vishal has been nothing short of a blessing. The amount of material that is in a Becker CPA study material is absolutely absurd and trying to study it all is a recipe for disaster and not an efficient use of time. What really separates Vishal from other tutors is that he creates custom study guides that break down all the important information in each chapter. Just like a study guide you had in school.”

Jordan Nianick, November 2022

“There are so many moving parts to the CPA exam which makes planning imperative. Vishal’s expertise in both the subject-matter and exam strategies pushed me through the finish line at a time that I was on the brink of giving up. Come each exam day, I had zero doubt that I would pass.”

Benjamin L., April 2020

“Before working with Vishal, I was struggling to understand the concepts laid out by Becker. There wasn’t enough thorough explanations to really help me understand what was going on. By incorporating journal entries in his lessons and by working through MCQs together, his guidance has helped me to feel more reassured with my learning. I highly recommend working with Vishal – he is a great asset!”

Stephanie Pugh, July 2022

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