Mastering the CPA Exam: Insights from Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner Adam Moscovich

Mastering the CPA Exam: Insights from Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner Adam Moscovich

In the competitive world of accounting, achieving the prestigious Elijah Watt Sells Award is a remarkable feat that demands dedication, strategic preparation, and comprehensive study resources. Adam Moscovich, a Vishal alumnus, secured this coveted award by not only meeting but surpassing the stringent requirements of the Uniform CPA Examination. This article explores Adam's journey, delving into his study approach, the significance of the award in his career, and why Vishal played a pivotal role in his success.

Adam Moscovich's Approach to Success:

Securing the Elijah Watt Sells Award requires candidates to attain a cumulative average score of at least 95.5 across all four sections of the CPA Exam, accomplishing this on their first attempt. Adam Moscovich excelled in this demanding environment, particularly in the Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) section, where he achieved an outstanding score of 97. His success was no accident; instead, it was the result of meticulous preparation and reliance on  Vishal's comprehensive study resources.

Utilizing Vishal as a Study Companion:

For Adam, Vishal was more than just a study resource; it was a guiding companion that provided structured study plans, insightful video lectures, and an array of learning methods catering to diverse preferences. Having already completed his bachelor's degree at Florida Atlantic University, Adam pursued his master's degree while working full-time as an intern at RSM, where he is now a management consultant in the financial close and reporting group. RSM's partnership with Vishal allowed him to embark on a rigorous CPA study routine.

Preparing for the Exam:

Adam strategically chose to tackle the Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) section first, considering it the most challenging part of the exam. While he found the subject matter manageable, he emphasized the importance of timing. To organize his study life, Adam heavily relied on Vishal's study planner, aligning his availability for 40 hours of weekly study with the recommended plan of action. This meticulous planning became the foundation of his success.

The Accidental Journey to the Elijah Watt Sells Award:

Adam's pursuit of the Elijah Watt Sells Award was not premeditated. The realization came when his FAR score exceeded expectations, reaching 94. Encouraged by a professor, he decided to throw his full effort into the competition. The final score for the BEC section, a remarkable 98, secured his place as an Elijah Watt Sells Award winner.

Why Vishal Stood Out:

Adam attributes much of his success to Vishal, emphasizing the diverse learning opportunities it provides. Whether through textbooks with annotated notes, comprehensive lectures, or an extensive bank of multiple-choice questions, Vishal caters to various learning styles. Notable instructors like Peter Olinto and Mike Brown left a lasting impression on Adam, with their effective teaching styles and engaging personalities.

Benefits of the Elijah Watt Sells Award:

Earning the Elijah Watt Sells Award not only symbolizes academic excellence but also serves as a significant career booster. Adam noted that the recognition he received at work was substantial, especially considering he was relatively new to the firm. The award facilitated networking and garnered attention from leadership, establishing his reputation within the organization.

Adam's Advice to CPA Candidates:

Adam shares valuable advice for aspiring CPA candidates based on his successful journey:

Invest in Yourself:

Recognize the importance of self-investment and obtaining a designation proven for decades.

Manageable Studying with Vishal:

Acknowledge that while the CPA Exam is challenging, Vishal's resources make studying manageable. The comprehensive approach conforms to individual schedules.

Master Accounting Acronyms:

Learn and understand accounting acronyms, considering them valuable tools in your exam preparation.

Utilize Vishal's SkillMaster Videos:

When facing challenges or confusion, Vishal's SkillMaster videos serve as detailed tutorials, providing a comprehensive understanding of problem-solving.

Adam Moscovich's journey from a Vishal student to an Elijah Watt Sells Award winner exemplifies the potential for success with strategic planning, dedication, and the right study resources.  Vishal's role as a comprehensive and adaptable study companion, coupled with Adam's disciplined approach, culminated in his exceptional achievement. Aspiring CPA candidates can draw inspiration from Adam's experience, recognizing the transformative impact of meticulous preparation and the guidance offered by Vishal.

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