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As a CPA Coach & Mentor, Vishal’s goal is to help students prepare for and pass the CPA Exam. Whether you are a young, recent accounting graduate or an experienced professional, we customize and tailor our approach to meet each student’s learning style and schedule. He has developed tools and approaches to tutoring that have enabled students who have previously failed the test to pass, often with strong results. Currently, he is developing eBooks and a digital platform to reach a broader audience. Helping the student achieve the goal of passing the grueling CPA exam is gratifying.

Vishal is Certified by WyzAnt, an online tutoring company that connects students with tutors who assist them with accounting topics, and CPA Exam preparation. He has 7 years of private tutoring experience. He is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, IL with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Furthermore, he has obtained his MBA at DePaul University with a double concentration in Strategy, Execution, and Valuation (SEV) as well as Accounting.

In addition to tutoring for the CPA, it is crucial for the student to sharpen his/her Microsoft Excel skills as this is a vital skill to have in life and in the work force. Vishal offers Excel skills ranging from beginning, intermediate, and advanced Excel. Finally, Vishal offers QuickBooks training for beginners learning how to do bookkeeping for their businesses! Vishal’s personal mission is to make a positive role on the lives of others and engage his students to help them succeed. He wants to make a lasting positive impact in as many lives as possible, especially when it comes to their academic success. As a CPA coach, he achieves that goal every day.

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During this call, you’ll speak with Vishal and discuss your background, address any concerns, and determine the best next steps for your CPA journey!