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FAR, REG, & AUD Group Sessions Designed for Your Success

Due to high student demand, I’ve created two separate study groups to best fit your specific needs. My General FAR, REG, & AUD Group goes over each chapter in detail and is best for students who have never taken FAR, REG, or AUD before.

My FAR+, REG+, & AUD+ Groups are a fast-paced review of all the chapters and is best for students who just need a refresh of what that CPA exam section covers! Learn more about each CPA exam study group below and sign up for the one that BEST fits your specific needs!

CPA Prep Course: Zoom Tutoring FAQs

Have questions about Group Zoom Tutoring and Private Zoom Tutoring? Then you’re in the right place!


What Is the Difference Between Group Zoom Tutoring and Private Zoom Tutoring?

Group Zoom Tutoring is designed to supplement your CPA study materials. In groups of 10 or less, I’ll take you through a high-level synopsis review of the topic for the week. We’ll go through examples, discuss common applications, and I’ll answer questions that came up during your preparation. The purpose of the Group Zoom Tutoring sessions is to go even further into the accounting concepts than the CPA study materials.

Private Zoom Tutoring is there for when you need extra support for one of the modules. You’ll have my undivided attention during the entire session and will be able to ask any questions you may have. My students tend to use these as regular check-ins throughout the CPA prep course to check that they understand the CPA study materials. It catches any misconceptions early to ensure you are revising the correct information. They can also operate as a catchup session if you can’t attend the Group Zoom Tutoring.

I recommend attending regular Group Zoom Tutoring and booking at least 1 Private Zoom Tutoring session 2 weeks before each CPA exam. We can spot any areas for improvement before the test.

What Can I Expect From Group Zoom Tutoring?

The Group Zoom Tutoring sessions are like small study groups where we go deeper into the CPA prep course module for that week. I’ll expand upon the information in your CPA study materials and offer additional examples that will reflect what you may encounter as an accountant. It’s important to me that this CPA prep course not only prepares you for the exam but your accountancy career too.

What Are the Group Sizes For Group Zoom Tutoring?

I like to keep the group sizes small because, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced, large Zoom calls pose many difficulties. Group sizes are 5-6 people on average. The small group sizes allow for the personalized tutoring that makes my CPA prep course unique. Group Zoom Tutoring sessions will always be 10 people or less so that we can discuss the CPA study materials at a pace that suits everyone.

How Long Are the Tutoring Sessions?

The duration of Group Zoom Tutoring sessions can vary to suit the module of the week. On average, they will be around 2.5 hours to give us ample time to cover the material and answer all of the questions you submitted in advance.  

The duration of Private Zoom Tutoring sessions are flexible and depend on what you want to cover. If you are unsure how long to book, reach out to me and we can discuss it.

Do I Need to Prepare For the Group Tutoring Sessions?

Yes, my CPA prep course is designed to support self-guided study, not replace it. You need to work through the CPA study materials and follow your custom study plan to prepare for the group calls. During the Group Zoom Tutoring, I’ll operate under the assumption that you’ve all read the CPA study materials instead of reading from them verbatim. I’ll only refer to them to link what you’ve been studying to what we are discussing, but you need to read them during your self-guided study sessions.  

You’ll also be asked to submit any questions you have in advance via the Calendly app. This allows me to prepare examples that clarify the concept and to decide if I need to make changes to the CPA study materials.  

For the Private Zoom Tutoring, you should’ve completed the weekly module and practice questions. We’ll discuss your questions and go over the questions you struggled with during the call.


How Does Payment Work For the Tutoring Sessions?

Both Group Zoom Tutoring and Private Zoom Tutoring can be booked via Calendly.

For Group Zoom Tutoring, I’ll ask everyone to submit their availability and then book the sessions via Calendly. When you confirm your place for the Group Zoom Tutoring session, you’ll be asked to complete payment for the session. 

I leave Private Zoom Tutoring open for students to book when they need it. My Calendly schedule will show my availability for private sessions, and you can go ahead and book in a time that suits you. These sessions are paid via invoice after the session.

What Is the Refund Policy for Zoom Tutoring Sessions?

I understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can derail plans, so I offer a full refund if you are unable to attend a tutoring session. This applies to both Group Zoom Tutoring and Private Zoom Tutoring in my CPA prep course. The amount can either be refunded in full or used as a credit towards future tutoring sessions.

Do I Need to Give You Notice If I Can’t Attend a Tutoring Session?

While I ask that you give me 24-48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel, there will be no penalty if you cannot give me notice. Contact me again when you can, and we will arrange another session when you are ready. Continue to work through the CPA prep course materials until then. 

Do You Record Any Of the Tutoring Sessions?

No, I do not record any of the tutoring sessions. If you miss a Group Zoom Tutoring session, I recommend continuing to work on the CPA study materials and booking a Private Zoom Tutoring session to make it up.  

If you miss a Private Zoom Tutoring session, I recommend booking another when you can make it. As always, continue to work through the CPA study materials, so you do not fall behind on your personalized study plan. If circumstances have changed and your current study plan becomes unmanageable, talk to me as soon as possible. We can tweak your study plan or pause your CPA prep course as necessary. My CPA prep course is designed to fit around your life, not demand your life fits around it.