Meet The Kesler CPA Review: Powered By Vishal CPA Prep All-Stars

The Kesler CPA Review Team has over two decades of experience helping CPA candidates pass the CPA Exam.

The combination of mentorship, cutting edge study materials and engaging live classes are the key to the Kesler CPA team’s success for a wide range of clients ranging from world record breaking 15 year old Jimmy Chilimigras (link to to 50+ year old CPA candidates motivated to be the best that they can be.

It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 50, we can help you succeed.


Meet the Founder

Bryan Kesler, CPA - Your Mentor, Motivator and Drinking Buddy on your journey to passing!

Despite being a 3.5 GPA student and having a Audit position lined up prior to graduating Bryan struggled to pass the CPA exam…

…it wasn’t until he found mentors to help him grasp HOW to pass did he succeed!

It is his life mission to ensure that you understand what NOT to do and what TO do while studying.

Bryan has helped 2000+ CPA candidates succeed by following his step-by-step plan for passing the CPA exam and he’s excited to help you do the same with Kesler CPA Review

Meet Our FAR / REG Instructor

Vishal Gandhi, CPA

Vishal Gandhi is an experienced CPA tutor dedicated to positively impacting students’ lives. As the founder of Vishal CPA Prep and now the official partner of Kesler CPA Review, he offers a unique approach to CPA exam preparation, inspired by his dissatisfaction with traditional, monotonous Big Box CPA Review Courses.

Vishal’s teaching method, which is tailored to each student’s learning style, needs and schedule emphasizes understanding the material rather than just passing the exam. His effective approach has led over 500 students to CPA exam success, significantly advancing their careers.

This is your opportunity to work with Vishal and knock out the most difficult section of the CPA exam!


Meet our AUD / BEC Instructor

Elisha Schwab, CPA

Elisha is a licensed CPA in the state of NJ since 2019 and is a dedicated educator committed to assisting CPA exam candidates. Recognizing gaps in the exam review market, Elisha founded Sterling Tutoring Associates LLC in 2020, providing 1-on-1 tutoring and helping several clients succeed.

In 2021, Elisha expanded his market impact through content creation and improvement by joining the Kesler CPA Review team. He was the lead content creator overseeing the creation of thousands of AICPA licensed questions and Learn ‘N GO Lectures for the Kesler CPA learning platform.

His motto is “making the complex simple.”

With his focus on brevity and personalized attention, Elisha has a provent track record of guiding candidates to pass the exam efficiently and effectively.

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