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A PROVEN Step-By-Step System For Planning, Studying & Passing Audit.

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Included In Our Monthly Subscription:

☑️ Full Access To Kesler CPA Mentorship To Learn HOW To Pass AUD

☑️ AUD Study Loop Planner To Assign Homework & Keep You On Pace.

☑️ Option To Upgrade And Join Our LIVE CPA Exam Class Intensives

☑️ No-Fluff AUD Kesler CPA Study Guide by Vishal Gandhi

☑️ 1000+ CPA Practice Questions w/ Enhanced Explanations, Task-Based Simulations & Pre-Made Flashcards

☑️ 100+ Learn 'N Go Lectures For Most Difficult Questions

☑️ FULL Mock Exam

☑️ Use Our ”EZ To Expert” Question Filtering Technology To Start With Easy Questions And Work Your Way Up To Expert.

☑️ iOS/Android + Desktop App For True Studying On The Go

☑️ ALL Updated For Current CPA Exam

Passing Plan For You

Kesler CPA Review is a proven mentorship, CPA review course and tutoring platform.

We show you, step-by-step, what to study each week with our Study Loop planner, teach you HOW to hit your study goals with our step-by-step mentorship, keep you focused and motivated through our private study group and accountability partner program…

…and if you need structure as you study, we offer LIVE CPA Exam class intensives to allow you to engage with instructors and fellow students in interactive class sessions.

We also provide you with unlimited email support from our team of CPA exam experts so you feel 100% certain you will pass on your next exam day. No matter what CPA courses you are using.

Does Kesler CPA Review Get Results?

Thousands Of Users.
Thousands Of CPA Sections Passed.
10-15+ Average Score Boost After Switching From Big Box Course.
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Will this work with my current CPA review course?

Absolutely. The other courses teach you WHAT to know but skip how to actually execute. Kesler CPA Review focuses first on teaching you the HOW so you can dive in head first into learning the WHAT and hit the ground running.

We also don’t overload you with dense textbooks or tons of fluff practice questions.

We have 1,800 unique questions not used by any other course and hundreds of AICPA licensed questions with enhanced explanations that teach you the concept tested from the ground up directly from the explanation.

Vishal Gandhi’s No-Fluff Kesler CPA Study Guide breaks down the MOST tested concepts in a concise way that is not only easy to read but engaging for the reader.

Is there a refund policy/pass guarantee?

We offer a 14-day moneyback guarantee. No long-term contract and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

On top of that, we also guarantee that you will pass any section you sit for in the next six months with our industry best 6 Month KeslerBoost™ PASS Guarantee. IF you fail a section in the first 6 months after fully implementing our study methods with your study materials, we will return your 1st months payment.

How often can I switch sections?

You can switch sections once every 30 days by reaching out to our team and they will provide you with a link for you to select the section you want to switch too. We are flexible as well and if there is a situation where you sit for a retake and start a new section in the same month etc... we will take care of you!

Do I have to repurchase this if I want to switch to a new section?

Nope! Absolutely not :) Your subscription auto-renews to ensure there is no interruption in your study access. Think of this like a Netflix subscription, as long as you make a payment each month you retain access to Kesler CPA Review..

Can I purchase one months worth of access... then come back later?

Of course! Obviously, we think you should stick with us until you pass, but just like Netflix you can subscribe for one month and cancel and come back in the future no problem.

I'm in! How do I get started?

Super simple, click the Start Your Subscription button below, fill out the order information, complete the order and then select the section you want to start studying!

Can't wait to help you pass the CPA Exam!


So... You Have A Choice.

You can keep trying to figure out how to pass the CPA exam on your own...

...studying & praying you are doing everything you need to be doing (and hope you aren't making costly mistakes)

OR... You can join Kesler CPA Review [the shortcut to learning the AICPA blueprints from the ground up, exactly how to pass the CPA exam & avoiding rookie mistakes].

And YES! Before You Ask...

This Is Designed For Busy Accountants Who Barely Have Time To Study (And Need A Push To Get This Thing Done And Passed)

Here's How To Get Started:

If you have questions, start a chat with me and ask away!

Step #1: Click this add to cart button below.


Step #2: Enter your billing info and select the payment option that works for you.

Step #3: Complete your order and select the section of the CPA exam you want access to first and I'll send you a voucher #.

Step #4: Complete your mentorship profile so that I can get to work assessing your situation and creating your Mentorship Manifesto with personalized advice.

Step #5: Start our Accountability Partner Program and set your first goal for this week.

Step #6: You are in! I'll send you a username and password so you can jump into the mentorship modules first to learn HOW to pass the CPA exam.

Step #7: Join our private study, introduce yourself and share your #1 struggle with the CPA exam to find folks in your exact situation.

Step #8: Then dive into the Kesler CPA study materials and you are off to the races!

P.S. A reminder that your subscription includes our 14 day moneyback guarantee for first time subscribers


Our 6 Month KeslerBoost™ PASS Guarantee that states IF you fail a section in the first 6 months after fully implementing our study methods, we will refund your 1st months payment.

See you on the inside!