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Need help passing your final 1-2 sections of the CPA exam?

You are in the right place!

The Kesler CPA Review Monthly Study Bundle is our most flexible plan to help you pass any section you need.

Get month-to-month access to our mentorship and study materials, cancel anytime.

Pick your section, get access and hit the ground running!

The Kesler CPA Monthly Study Bundle supplements ANY CPA Review Course and can also be used as a STANDALONE course.

How does it work?

Step 1: Kesler CPA Mentorship

We teach you HOW to study.

Our self-study mentorship modules will help you craft a step-by-step plan to passing based on your current situation.

Get unlimited email access to our mentors and coaches and private study group.

Study with confidence and find accountability!

Step 2: Leverage our powerful Kesler CPA Review learning platform

Use Vishal Gandhi’s conversational-style study guide to pinpoint the MUST know concepts.

Use the Kesler CPA Review study apps to test your understanding of the content.

Implement the Kesler Method to implement study loops so that you can defeat the curve of forgetting and tie everything together just in time for exam day!

Step 3: Execute and Pass

With access to all of these tools until you pass all that’s left for you to do is execute!

How to get access?

You can join our Kesler CPA Monthly Study Bundle by clicking add to cart below:

We have financing available as well so you can pay over time

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Kesler Key:Ultimate Self-Study Course For All Learner TypesGuided Support Until You Pass From Our InstructorsFlexible Access To What You Need To Pass
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Purchased Separately
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Pass Guarantee:18 Month Pass Guarantee Or We Pay Your Retake Fees Up To $1000 18 Month Pass Guarantee Or We Pay Your Retake Fees Up To $1000
CPA Exam Mentorship

Kesler CPA Mentorship
CPA Study Materials
Kesler CPA Desktop & Mobile Apps
2500+ Page Conversational-Style Study Guide
4,000+ Of The RIGHT MCQs, TBS & Flashcards (No Fluff)
Learn ‘N GO Lectures For Difficult Questions
Private Customers Only Study Group
Unlimited Email Support From CPA Mentors
Direct Access To Instructors
Live Classes
Live Accelerator Classes Included?
Live Accelerator Classes

$200-$225 Extra Per Class

12 Months All Access

$200-$225 Extra Per Class
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