Kesler CPA Study Materials vs Big Box CPA Review Courses

Study Material Showdown: Big Box CPA Course vs. Kesler CPA Review 🔍

After nailing down your study system, it’s time for the real grind: Understanding and retaining material for your next Prometric Center visit!

🔄 The Old Way: Drown in thousands of questions, wade through textbooks, and binge-watch lecture marathons. Too slow, too bulky!

🆘 The Problem?: Too little time, too much content. Old methods are outdated.

🚀 The NEW Way with Kesler CPA Review: Dive into our next-gen CPA course, designed for the fast-paced world. Get laser-focused insights right in the answers!

⏳ No More Time-Drains: Ditch the 4-hour video lectures and textbook volleyball.

🔬 Let’s Do a Quick Experiment: Here's a sample AICPA-licensed question. Compare two distinct explanations. Tell us, which one would you bet on?


Kesler CPA Review Enhanced Explanation

Introducing Kesler CPA Review’s AICPA licensed questions with ENHANCED explanations that cover:

💡Key Concepts Unlocked: Quick overviews that go straight to the core.

💡Why Matters: Understand WHY the right answer is a bullseye and why the others missed the mark.

💡The Golden Nugget: Spot the shining gem in every question to ace similar ones in the future.

💡Learn 'N GO Lectures: Master the art of answer flow with focused 4-8 minute video tutorials for the toughest questions.

📲 PLUS, Study Without Limits: A cross-platform app (iOS/Android/Desktop) ensures seamless on-the-go access to KeslerQs.


The Classic Big Box CPA Course/Supplement – Bare Minimum & Tedious

👎 Sparse Explanations: They just scrape the surface. Minimal insights on the ‘WHY’ behind calculations or red flags for future reference.

🕰️ Stuck in the Past: Inefficient jumping between questions and textbooks and video lectures...

And no, I know what you're thinking.

I'm not cherry-picking!

Here's another Big Box CPA Course in action for the SAME question.

Again, no overview of what's being tested or what to look out for with similar questions.

They give you the calculation and expect you to figure out the WHY on your own.

This is why CPA candidates struggle to grasp what they learn and can't retain the information.

So much time is spent bouncing back and forth between question explanations and lectures/textbooks and customer support.

You feel like you are getting work done, but you aren't making any progress!

Do you prefer Option #1?

Then let’s get connected and find the right Study Bundle for you!

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