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CPA Exam Mentorship

Kesler CPA Mentorship
CPA Study Materials
Kesler CPA Desktop & Mobile Apps
2500+ Page Conversational-Style Study Guide
4,000+ Of The RIGHT MCQs, TBS & Flashcards (No Fluff)
Learn ‘N GO Lectures For Difficult Questions
Private Customers Only Study Group
Unlimited Email Support From CPA Mentors
Direct Access To Instructors
Live Classes
Live Accelerator Classes Included?
Live Accelerator Classes

$200-$225 Extra Per Class

12 Months All Access

$200-$225 Extra Per Class
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How Does Kesler CPA Review Work?

Here’s our “patent-pending” step-by-step process for optimizing your odds of success:

Step 1: Kesler CPA Mentorship

To pass the CPA Exam you need to know WHAT to know...

...and HOW to execute.

Kesler CPA Mentorship is your ticket to mastering the CPA exam passing process.

Our self-study mentorship modules will help you craft a step-by-step plan to passing based on your current situation.

The modules combined with unlimited email access to our mentors and coaches and private study group, you can study with confidence and find accountability!

Step 2: Leverage Kesler CPA Review Learning Platform 

Kesler CPA Review also teaches you WHAT to know fast.

Our cutting-edge study materials are designed to Cut the Fluff™ and make the complex, simple.

Use Vishal Gandhi’s conversational-style study guide to pinpoint the MUST know concepts.

Use the Kesler CPA Review study apps to test your understanding of the content.

Implement the Kesler Mentorship Methods to implement Study Loops™ and Study Funnels™ so that you can defeat the curve of forgetting and tie everything together just in time for exam day!

Step 3: Kesler CPA Community & Accountability 

Studying for the CPA exam is a lonely experience...

Which is why we focus on connecting you to other motivated CPA candidates fast inside of our thriving (customers-only) study group.

We also help you get your friends and family involved in your journey with our CPA Exam Accountabilty Partner program.

Passing the CPA exam is a group effort.

Share your study goals with your accountability partners and use them as motivation to keep moving forward no matter what happens!

Step 4: Attend ALL Live Accelerator Classes 

Need structure and more hands-on guidance?

Kesler CPA Review offers Live CPA Exam Accelerator classes.

These are pay as you go Zoom classes for our Ultimate and Essential study bundle users OR you can invest in our All Access Accelerator package and get access to all classes for 12 months.

What is a live CPA Exam Accelerator?

After purchasing a live class, you will receive intimate access to our Kesler CPA Instructors on Zoom.

Our live class schedule gives you the structure you need to get through all the material just in time to pass.

Homework assigned for each class.

Evenings and weekend classes available to fit to your schedule

Ready to Execute The Kesler Steps To Success? 

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Thousands Of Users.
Thousands Of CPA Sections Passed.
10-15+ Average Score Boost After Switching From Big Box Course.
Hundreds Of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ratings!

Who Is The Team Behind Kesler CPA Review?

The Kesler CPA Review Team has over two decades of experience helping CPA candidates pass the CPA Exam and working with the Big Box CPA Review Course companies to help their candidates pass.

We know what works because we are working with CPA caniddates like yourself every day.

The combination of mentorship, cutting edge study materials and engaging live classes are the key to the Kesler CPA team’s success for a wide range of clients ranging from world record breaking 15 year old Jimmy Chilimigras to 50+ year old CPA candidates motivated to be the best that they can be.

It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 50, we can help you succeed.

Meet the Founders 

Bryan Kesler, CPA - Your Mentor, Motivator and Drinking Buddy On Your Journey to Passing!

Despite being a 3.5 GPA student and having a Audit position lined up prior to graduating...

Bryan struggled to pass the CPA exam.

It wasn’t until he found mentors to help him grasp HOW to pass did he succeed!

It's his life mission to ensure that you understand what NOT to do and what TO do while studying.

Bryan has helped 2000+ CPA candidates succeed by following his step-by-step plan for passing the CPA exam and he’s excited to help you do the same with Kesler CPA Review

Vishal Gandhi, CPA - Your FAR / REG Instructor

Vishal Gandhi is an experienced CPA tutor dedicated to positively impacting students’ lives.

As the founder of Vishal CPA Prep and now the official partner of Kesler CPA Review, he offers a unique approach to CPA exam preparation, inspired by his dissatisfaction with traditional, monotonous Big Box CPA Review Courses.

Vishal’s teaching method, which is tailored to each student’s learning style, needs and schedule emphasizes understanding the material rather than just passing the exam.

His effective approach has led over 500 students to CPA exam success, significantly advancing their careers.

This is your opportunity to work with Vishal and knock out the most difficult sections of the CPA exam!

Elisha Schwab, CPA - Your AUD / BEC Instructor

Elisha is a licensed CPA in the state of NJ since 2019 and is a dedicated educator committed to assisting CPA exam candidates.

Recognizing gaps in the exam review market, Elisha founded Sterling Tutoring Associates LLC in 2020, providing 1-on-1 tutoring and helping several clients succeed.

In 2021, Elisha expanded his market impact through content creation and improvement by joining the Kesler CPA Review team.

He was the lead content creator overseeing the creation of thousands of AICPA licensed questions and Learn ‘N GO Lectures for the Kesler CPA learning platform.

His motto is “making the complex simple.” With his focus on brevity and personalized attention, Elisha has a provent track record of guiding candidates to pass the exam efficiently and effectively.

Ready to work with the Kesler Team? 

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CPA Candidate Case Studies 

Wondering if Kesler CPA Review actually get's results? If you are a doubter… I’ve got bad news… we get amazing results for our students who follow our step-by-step method for passing!

Meet Jimmy Chilimigras (Youngest Person To Ever Pass) 

Meet 15 year old Jimmy Chilimigras - the world’s youngest person to ever pass the CPA exam.

He contact Bryan for mentorship because he knew the CPA exam was going to be unlike any exam he had ever sat for.

The Kesler CPA Review team provided him with mentorship, the Kesler study guide and test bank and access to Vishal’s live classes and within six month Jimmy passed all four sections with only one section failed.

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 50, we can teach you HOW to pass and provide you with the materials to teach you WHAT to know.

Can't Pass With Your Big Box Course? Meet Jessica & Bryce 

Wonder If Kesler Can Be A Standalone Course? Meet Kristi! 

Wonder If Live Classes For FAR/REG Are Worth It? 

Wonder If Live Classes For AUD/BEC Are Worth It? 

Ready to work with the Kesler Team? 

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What Do I Get Exactly When I Enroll Today?

Go From "Point A To CPA" With Kesler
Study Guide, Qs, Tools, Tech & Classes


Is Kesler CPA Review enough to pass the CPA exam with as a standalone resource?

Absolutely. Kesler CPA Review has a complete study guide + thousands of practice questions, sims and flashcards covering the entire AICPA blueprint outline. On top of this, we will also teach you HOW to pass with our mentorship program and if you need structure we also offer LIVE classes that covers the study guide.

Will this work with my current CPA review course?

Absolutely. Kesler CPA Review focuses on teaching the areas that the popular courses just assume you know.

Other study supplements provide the SAME questions that the big courses uses which isn't helpful.

I've hired a team of CPAs and professors to create 1800+ questions that teach you the blueprints from the ground up that you have NEVER seen before instead of just giving you more of the same. This way you can identify areas you are weaker in your primary course and then use Kesler to get that baseline understanding so you can jump back into your course more confident. Shoot me a chat if this doesn't make sense!

Is there a refund policy/pass guarantee?

We offer a 14-day moneyback guarantee. No long-term contract and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

On top of that, we also guarantee that you will pass any section you sit for in the next six months with our industry best 6 Month KeslerBoost™ PASS Guarantee. IF you fail a section in the first 6 months after fully implementing our study methods with your study materials, we will return your 1st months access.

How often can I switch sections?

You can switch sections once every 30 days by reaching out to our team and they will provide you with a link for you to select the section you want to switch too. We are flexible as well and if there is a situation where you sit for a retake and start a new section in the same month etc... we will take care of you!

Do I have to repurchase this if I want to switch to a new section?

Nope! Absolutely not :) Your subscription auto-renews to ensure there is no interruption in your study access. Think of this like a Netflix subscription, as long as you make a payment each month you retain access to Kesler CPA Review..

Can I purchase one months worth of access... then come back later?

Of course! Obviously, we think you should stick with us until you pass, but just like Netflix you can subscribe for one month and cancel and come back in the future no problem.

I'm in! How do I get started?

Super simple, click the Start Your Subscription button below, fill out the order information, complete the order and then select the section you want to start studying!

Can't wait to help you pass the CPA Exam!


*You can purchase additional Kesler Tutor Boost Video Credits separately! Unused FREE credits expire after 30 days, purchased credits never expire.

 **Special offer terms: One VIP Tutor Boost Video Credit is unlocked per month for six months if you stay subscribed. Unused VIP credits expire after 30 days.

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