General FAQ

CPA Review Course: General FAQs

Here we answer any questions you may have about the CPA review course and the CPA study materials.

Can I Pass the CPA Exam Using Your Study Guides Only?

Yes, I‘ve used my 5 years’ experience as a CPA and 10 years’ experience in teaching to create comprehensive CPA study materials. If all you need is revision material, then these study guides will be enough to help you succeed. However, if you need additional support and insight into accounting concepts, then the CPA review course with Group Zoom Tutoring and some Private Zoom Tutoring will help you to synthesize the material.

Do You Update Your CPA Study Material When Changes Are Made to the Exam?

Yes, I update all of my CPA study material and my CPA review course as a whole to reflect changes to the exam. This is my full-time job, so I make it my duty to keep on top of any changes to the CPA exam and update my students. I’ll notify you of when I have made updates to the CPA study material so you can review the new study guides.

Can I Print Out Your Study Guides?

No, due to copyright issues, the study guides are available as a read-only Google Doc. You can’t print them.

Can I Work With You In Conjunction With Another CPA Review Course?

You can if you want. However, I don’t recommend it as my CPA review course is taught differently from other formal courses. I like to slowly build upon your knowledge week on week and show you how each concept is applied in real life. It is important to me that this CPA review course prepares you not only for the CPA exam but your career.

If you do want to supplement my CPA review course, I would suggest simulations and multiple-choice questions rather than textbooks and lectures.

Do I Get a Discount If My Friend Takes Your CPA Review Course?

Yes, I offer a referral bonus of $25 if you get a friend to sign up for at least 1 month. You can choose if you want the $25 as credit for the CPA review course or deposited into your bank account.

Is There a Particular Order I Should Take the CPA Exams?

So, you need to pass all four CPA exams within 18 months of your first exam. During the free introductory call, we will create an exam schedule that works best for you.

Generally, I recommend all of my students take the FAR exam first. This is because it is the most information-dense exam, so by doing FAR first, you are reviewing the CPA study materials and preparing essentially “off the clock.” Your 18 month window will start when you sit the FAR exam, and the rest of the CPA review course is comparatively easy.

How Does Your Customized Study Plan Work?

During our free introductory call, we’ll discuss your scheduling needs and look at tentative exam dates. Using that information, I’ll create an achievable study plan for you. The study plans for my CPA review course will also take into account your financial needs and we’ll discuss when you may need Group Zoom Tutoring or Private Tutoring based on your strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to me that your study plan works for you as you are more likely to stick to it when you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Do You Have Availability on Weekends?

Yes, many of my students work full-time jobs or have family commitments, so I have availability for tutoring sessions on weeknights and weekends. I also encourage my students to email or WhatsApp me whenever is convenient for them, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

Do I Need to Prepare Anything For the Free Introductory Call?

During the free introductory call, I’ll walk you through how everything works. I’ll show you the Calendly app and how to book Group Zoom Tutoring and Private Zoom Tutoring. I’ll also show you the study guides, so you know what to expect. The free introductory call is designed to help you determine if this is the right CPA review course for you, so we’ll work through some practice questions so you can see my tutoring style.

Prepare any questions you may have so that you can ask them while we’re on the call. If you’ve taken the CPA exam before and failed, feel free to bring your score reports so we can identify any areas where you may need extra support.

I Have Dyslexia/Dyspraxia/a Learning Disability, Is This the Right CPA Review Course For Me?

My CPA review course is designed to be highly personalized. I create CPA study materials that work for a range of different learning styles and use the Group Zoom Training to supplement the self-guided study. I am happy to adapt my teaching methods to suit any learning requirements and can even give you information about CPA exam accommodations if you need them.

During the free introductory call, we’ll discuss your learning needs so I can create your custom study guide.