1) How do your CPA Exam Packages work?

a. You will receive a link for my view-only CPA Exam Study Guide via Google Doc. You can view these anytime, 24/7 online. Your monthly subscription gives you full access.

b. As part of the monthly subscription, you will receive a personalized CPA Exam Study Plan. Once you give me your exam date, I will create a tailored plan for you based on your schedule. The Study Plan will outline the study modules you’ll need to master each week. This will keep you on track to excel on exam day.

c. If you would like personal one-on-one tutoring sessions via Skype or Zoom, feel free to contact me by email or phone!

2) Does the monthly subscription fee cover all four sections of the CPA exam?

a. Yes, and after you finish each section, simply email me to access the Google Doc Study Guide for the next exam.

3) Can I cancel the monthly subscription plan at any time?

a. Yes, If you ever decide that this isn’t working out for you for whatever reason, you can cancel your subscription. There is no contract.

4) Are your CPA Exam Google Doc Study Guides updated for the most recent CPA exam changes?

a. Yes, they are CPA Exam study guides are automatically updated as part of your monthly subscription plan.

5) Can I use your CPA exam study guides and tutoring sessions in conjunction with other CPA exam review courses?

a. Yes, this is completely fine! I work with all CPA Exam review courses.

6) How long are the personal one-on-one tutoring sessions with you via Skype or Zoom, and what do we typically go over in these sessions?

a. Based on the success of other students, about 2.5 hours per session is optimum.

b. During the tutoring sessions, we’ll begin with a high-level synopsis review, then go over any questions you have from the online Study Guide or from your other CPA review course, including any multiple-choice questions or simulations you are struggling with. The goal of these tutoring sessions is not to read the online Study Guide together, but to review issues you still have after reading and doing the homework. This will be effective for both of us.

c. Rest assured that I will assess your CPA Exam progress throughout and tell you whether you are exam-ready. This will ensure your confidence on exam day.

7) Are your CPA Exam Google Doc Study Guides sufficient to pass the exam?

a. Yes they are. However, a few hours of tutoring each week will ensure that you understand the concepts and don’t fall behind. The tutoring sessions will reinforce your learnings and help you synthesize the material.

8) Which tutoring package is best for me? How many hours a week do I need to ensure success?

a. It depends on what your needs are. If you are someone who would like more attention, you can purchase the monthly subscription plan and as well as a package for tutoring hours. During tutoring sessions, we will break down everything together.

9) Do you offer hourly tutoring rate discounts (depending how long I decide to work with you)?

a. The more hours you purchase, the larger discount your discount. Call or email to receive hourly or package pricing details.

b. Prepaid bulk discounts and full exam package discounts are available upon request. Please email or call for your special quote!