About The Company

Vishal CPA Prep, LLC, was founded in Chicago by Vishal Gandhi. The goal of the firm is to provide superior 1-on-1 tutoring at an affordable price. Vishal CPA Prep isn’t a traditional review course. Rather, we focus on the “why” behind the accounting concepts. After meticulously analyzing the CPA exam market, Vishal felt a lot of the CPA review courses didn’t do so. He recognized a few things about the CPA tutoring landscape that he felt could be improved upon. For instance, many tutoring companies may take several days, or more, to get back to students who seek academic information. On the other hand, some tutors do not usually make an effort to understand the student’s unique situation so as to provide adequate information/help. This can make studying for the CPA daunting. Unsatisfied with this status quo, Vishal CPA Prep was founded with the goal of providing CPA tutoring and test prep that is highly-focused on explaining and uncomplicating difficult accounting concepts. We’ll help you, break down all of the key elements into digestible facts so you can easily understand, thereby getting adequate CPA Exam help.
We realize that everyone has different educational/learning needs, therefore we take an individualized approach to our study style, tailoring sessions to each student’s personal needs. We’ll help you develop a personalized tutoring plan and explore test taking strategies that will mitigate your areas of weaknesses, enhance areas of strength and ultimately help you to excel. It is proven research that not everyone processes information the same way. Therefore, we ensure that every learning style is met to suit the individual need.
Presently, we are in the process of extending our brand beyond tutoring to develop our own materials. Our CPA e-book (FAR, REG, AUD and BEC) for self-study will be available for purchase domestically and internationally. Students who purchase these e-books will also have the added advantage of having online tutoring Skype sessions with Vishal himself. Our aim is to provide students with the affordable resources and knowledge that will be needed for the CPA exams and beyond at the student’s convenience.


As a result, he formed Vishal CPA Prep where he can give back and pursue his passion to teach accounting concepts to recently graduated college students and working professionals. Vishal CPA Prep, LLC, helps students achieve their goals for passing all four sections of the Uniform CPA exam: FAR, REG, AUD, and BEC within the required 18 month window.